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Welcome to the miraculous world of light, color and sound, the co-creative "medicine" of creation! 

Services Available:

* Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sessions

* Magnified Healing

* Arc Chamber ~ Color Ray Light & Sound Sessions

* Reiki Sessions

* Andara Crystal Glass Tuning Fork Attunements

* Frequency Face Toning Treatments

Who Is Rael?

Rael is one who is walking in the light and love of service to the Creative Principle and Divine Plan and is highly devoted in anchoring unity consciousness. She is certified in sound, color and light therapies and is a Universal Oneness Ambassador. She is a spiritual counselor and Ascension guide assisting others to remember their true essence. She is a world traveler who has been to many of the Earth’s most ancient powerful temples & energy portals on the planet. Her intention is to assist in harmonizing the masculine and feminine polarities, unfolding empowered freedom and unity within all life. She is devoted in assisting others in their process of embracing these new harmonized energies utilizing light, color and sound.


She has received training and certification as a Soma/Solfeggio Energetics Specialist, Magnified Healing Practitioner/Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner. She aligns with and allows the love and light from on high to work through her as an emissary, harmonizing the energy bodies for those who are open to receive and transmute that which blocks us from our full potential.


Solfeggio Sound Therapy is pure, ancient harmonics taken out four music scale in 1050 A.D. These 6 frequencies used to be worked with, however our diatonic scale no longer includes them. They are very harmonizing for the cells and release blockages in the energy bodies, at the causal plane level, assisting one in communing with their higher mind. The sound therapies penetrate through to the spiritual body and have the potential to transmute lower vibrating energies thus freeing imprints. These imprints can move through to the mental body as unserving behaviors and thought patterns, down into the emotional body as disharmonized feelings and finally into the physical body where these imprints are felt as aches and pain, illness and disease. Rael works with both the Solfeggio Energy Tuners, that allow for the transformation at the causal level and the Solfeggio Body Tuners that allow for the transformation of the effect. It truly is a very pleasant, loving and relaxing experience while the tuning forks are bringing your body, nervous system, muscle tone and organs into balance. It is a cellular massage that can re-activate dormant DNA. Humans have been only using 2 strands of DNA, when our divine blueprint is the use of all 12. The 10 that are not being used are referred to as “junk” DNA. These energy sessions are lighting up so to speak the 10 dormant strands to allow us to tap into our full potential. This is all part of the divine plan unfolding and leads us to the path of experiencing and being in our higher nature.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

About The ARC Chamber

Rael VeraJoy of Joy Harmonics is very honored and excited to present the ARC Chamber to humanity.


The ARC Chamber is a DNA activator/harmonizer that Rael was divinely guided by a highly advanced race to build. She was given the entire blueprint for it in a dream. Through further instructions while meditating, she was also divinely guided to integrate all the chamber’s instrumental ancient technologies; light, color, sound, pyramid, crop circle and orgone energies into one experience. Light, color and sound are all frequencies and the basic building blocks of creation. They have been powerful tools utilized throughout the ages. It is a grand cellular massage of sorts going very deeply into all of one’s being and subtle bodies, harmonizing all sub-atomic particles of their being throughout all dimensions. The pyramid energies transcend “time and space” placing one into a zero point/pure potentiality field so it is best to place an intention before entering in to such a powerful field. 


Many have shared that their chamber session assisted them to dive very deep within, where they experienced a still peacefulness. They shared they felt a deeper and closer connection with their Higher Self and the spirit realm.Some others had visions of past lives and some received who their original galactic family was. This higher level of connection allows the activation of the DNA that has long been lying dormant within our being and is what the scientists were calling “junk“ DNA however even they are now realizing that DNA is more quantum than it is physical and the “junk” is our vast multidimensional selves and full divine potential. We have not been taught to tap into and work with this DNA and all of its’ potentials so the term “use it or lose it” applies here..


Rael will have booklets to read for more information that sum up the details of what each of these ancient technologies does. More will be included on her upcoming full website. There is also plenty information and explanations of all these technologies online if one wishes to explore and research before coming for a session. Again, any kind of energy medicine is all about intention, so it is best to meditate on what one would like the chamber to assist them with before one comes to experience it. We will create time for one to sit and be quiet to tap into their intention if one has not done so before their session.


During the chamber session, color is projected onto the body by a slide projector, into the chamber, to immerse the person in the 7 colorsof the rainbow, one at a time, from a glass slide that is infused with the original color frequency spectrums of the sun. It goes directly into the pineal through the pupil of the eyes, as they are open for as long as is comfortable, whilelistening to the Solfeggio sound which corresponds to each color through a cordless high tech set of head phones. The Solfeggio are 6 notes taken out of the music scale in 1050A.D. that they have found harmonize the cells and raise the frequency of the listener. The person listens to the corresponding tone in each of the chakras while getting each color as we make our way up to the soul star chakra, the higher Self connection. There are different programs of time and we are using sacred numerology and kinesiology, assisting each person to link to their Higher Self’s wisdom to determine what session is for their highest good in the moment or one can simply choose what they wish purchase.


The chamber further opens one up to the divine gifts within them utilizing these ancient technologies. This very relaxing and powerful approach to open one to their own innate, full potential, activates the harmonizing of all one’s physical cells and further harmonizes the emotional and mental bodies preparing one for their higher evolution. 

For scheduling a session and pricing please contact Rael VeraJoy by calling or texting her @ 

734-755-6534. 🙏


Testimonials for the Arc Chamber

My time in the Chamber was beyond extraordinary. I did not want to leave, i wanted to stay in the chamber longer! I felt a huge amount of energy open and move through my heart. I was also filled with love...unconditional love. I soon left going up to the top of the chamber and beyond. I was in a space, energy, power that felt so good i did not want to return. My intentions were met and my questions were answered. Thank you Rael for creating and sharing this amazing ARC Chamber!   





This man had not previously been able to tap into his inner, visual ability. . 

"I saw 2 pillars of light streaming upwards. A man gently floated in who was holding a book.Then gently disappeared. I saw orbs in different colors floating in my vision with my eyes open and with them closed. I had a very relaxing and pleasurable session while I was getting an eye treatment and eyes felt much better afterwards and vision seemed clearer afterwards. I had an eye injury a few months previous. My one eye had been sore and it took the soreness away. ."

~Mark S.




Rael Hava is very a compassionate and gifted healer.  My experience in working with her is that she is a very caring and attentive person with a sincere desire to uplift others and always to be of service.  Experiencing her ARC healing chamber was a  seemingly wonderful, magical and enlightening experience.  I felt very activated and energized as well as, relaxed while in the healing chamber.  Afterwards,  I felt it had changed me for the better in a spiritual sense.  I highly recommend  the experience

~ Lisa T. 




On my experience with my pyramid/light codes session: I went in with a few questions and all were answered. Communication with my guides also came through much easier.

I intended on re-membering myself, thinking that I would get memories/info from my various lifetimes. This was not the case. I saw my lifetimes represented as layers, like a deck of cards shuffling. I was told “do not get lost in the lifetimes”. I am whole without having to recall the memories. Some knowledge from one lifetime or another may become useful and knowing those things are on a “need to know basis” so don’t try to rush it or force it as it will become a distraction.This brought a great peace, and it has proved true that I do get past lifetime memories when I need them, not usually beforehand.

Shortly after my session one night I traveled 9th dimension and up and I know that the light codes activated in my session has helped me to access this ability, as well as advancing other intuitive abilities.





"Hi Rael,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you and to say how great of an experience my time in the chamber was. Truly awesome! That was my first time to experience color and sound therapy simultaneously and found a few things very interesting:


There was a slight issue with orange and after you fixed it, orange flashed twice then moved on to red. It's interesting bc since orange represents creativity.... the creativity 777 crop circle picture was one I hung on my right side as something that I wanted to give out to the world. 


All of the colors seemed to form a 'transport tunnel' of sorts except those of blue and orange. Blue is interesting bc one of my main lessons is to have the confidence to speak my truth. (Still working that one ;-)


Pink warmed my heart, made me smile and I just felt overwhelmingly happy and loving.


Thank you again for building the chamber and offering your services of light to the world. Fantastic!"

~Brandi Hurst-Rossbach




"She really felt a connection to the root chakra when in the red light and very strong, lots of strength.


Then in the yellow light and the solar plexus, she felt more stress working on more Chiron wounds of self love. 


She felt heat and connection with the Earth in the hear chakra and green light.  

In the throat chakra and thus in the blue light, she felt really calm and relaxed and it took her farther out.


She overall felt very connected universally amd to the wholeness."





"Thank you, Rael and much love. My experience was a blast into the Pleiades and Sirius Star Systems.

Faces of my Sirius family came in the light. They shared, “You are loved, protected and treasured.” 

Tunnels of light as the colors changed. 

Red light brought me spirals and pulsed into me and warmed me. 

When in the yellow light and in the solar plexus, I saw a golden solar angel and was shown animal pictures which floated out of a vortex and up and off to the right- chickens, dogs, cats, giraffe and a camel. 

Green light swirled and spit out like 4th of July sparklers, I saw mandalas placed in my body for healing my right shoulder. Next a.m. I had more range of motion and less pain. I had torn my rotator cuff and broke my shoulder in four places years ago. The old scar tissue was released during the Arc Chamber session and the shoulder was filled with light. 

In the throat chakra and in the blue light, I saw a rainbow and tunnel vortex/dimensional wormhole. I went into it in thought and felt whole- holy – loved!"



Contact Rael

Call or Text - 734-755-6534

"The body is held together by sound – the presence of stress or disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune." – Dr. Deepak Chopra

Ancient Solfeggio Tuning Fork Sessions

Solffeggio Sound Therapy is pure ancient harmonics taken out of our music scale in 1050 A.D. These 6 frequencies are very harmonizing for the cells and release blockages in the energy bodies, at the causal plane level, assisting one in communing with their higher mind. The sound therapies penetrate through to the spiritual body and have the potential to transmute lower vibrating energies thus freeing imprints. These imprints can move through to the mental body as unserving behaviors and thought patterns, down into the emotional body as disharmonized feelings and finally into the physical body where it is felt as aches and pain, illness and disease. Stay tuned for an upcoming page that will describein more detail what each frequency does for assisting us in our journeys. 


Rael works with both the Solfeggio Energy Tuners that allow for the transformation at the causal level along with the Solfeggio Body Tuners that allow for the transformation of the effect. It truly is a very pleasant, loving and relaxing experience while the tuning forks are bringing your body, nervous system, muscle tone and organs into balance. It is a deep cellular massage that can re-activate dormant DNA. Stay tuned for an upcoming page on what these body tuners assist our physical bodies with. 

Rael also includes as guided by the person’s higher self, planetary tuners as well. The planets all hold archetypal energies that work on all levels, the physical, emotional, mental bodies and spiritual bodies. Stay tuned for an upcoming page on all how each planet assists us on our spiritual path here on Earth. 


 Also coming soon will be the Kabballah sessions, where Rael will be using, as spiritually guided, the tuning forks of the spheres of the Kabballah also known as the Tree of Life. She has been studying and working with the Kabballah angelic heavenly hosts and their virtues to her life and life’s mission for 8 years now. Soon to come will also be a page with information on the Kabballah and how it pertains to us here on Earth and how it is assisting us with all that we do here. 


Magnified Healing


Magnified Healing is energy is brought through a Certified Practitioner that comes from the cosmic Light and Life force of GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE. It establishes a constant flow of Energy from your heart to this Source thru all the Spiritual Centers, down to the Diamond at the Center of the Earth thus anchoring into the physical Earth plane for greater lasting results. The link spirals and brings a deep state of grace pulsing forth from the Source, laying the very foundation for the Ascension process. It truly assists in the integration of your Higher Self thus eventually unfolding our true essence of the I AM presence. right here on Earth. This is grace at its fullest. This energy light movement was brought thru in 1992 under the direct intervention and inspiration of Lady Master Quan Yin and is for the spiritual advancement of HUmanity and the Earth at large.


This form of energy can reconnect strands of DNA ready for activation. It can unblock and realigns meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection to the higher Self and well-being that will build in momentum and can be refreshed as needed.


Through our connection, the highest level of spirit, can be made, allowing us to access and experience a new, expanded awareness and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. We are then able to make more intuitive choices which can take us to greater heights and levels of being as we align to the FLOW and joy of life. It can assist one greatly on their journey, moving one beyond limitation.

Rael's Sister's Miracle Story

Rael, her mother and other sister, along with spirit from on high, saved her youngest sister's life with this energy technique when all organs were shutting down from her journey down the dark night of the soul with alcoholism. She received a call from her sister’s husband on May 12th of 2012 that her sister was in the hospital and dying and that they needed to come to California tomorrow as they didn’t think she will be alive much longer. So Rael booked her mother and herself a flight to arrive the next day. Her other sister who lived out in California, too, met them there. In truth, this sacred space that was created by the Magnified Healing energy, along with love as a unified field of one, assisted her to heal her self. She and her higher self were very instrumental in this process. When one opens up to the energy medicine method being offered, they actually heal themselves utilizing the faith and support of others, including and most importantly, spirit. Spirit works through us as humans to get the job done. Intention is everything and when one understands this and feels the love and support they need to really have faith in this love, they create an opening to literally heal themselves. This is what is meant by, "Physician heal thyself." This Magnified Healing, along with most others energy medicines, always unfolds in this way. This is what what Rael supports for all who she works with.



Rael was guided to reinitiate herself into Magnified healing just 2 weeks previous to this phone call as she had not been doing it for a few years due to getting more into the Solfeggio frequencies. She instantly knew, as soon as she received this phone call, why she was guided to reinitiate herself. She was guided to take the manual with her not knowing why that would matter, other than she had not completely reread all that was in there. While she was on the plane, she was guided to take it out and read it. The very next page she turned to, as she had booked marked where I had left off, was titled Etheric Organ Transplants. Bingo!!!



Literally, when they arrived her sister was on life support and the doctors shared with them that they were certain, due to her condition that she would most likely not pull through. They asked if he could hold the space for a miracle as their family believed in miracles and were calling forth a miracle for her. He said of course as he had witnessed miracles happen in his practice before. So he allowed them to have an hour of interrupted time in her ICU room to perform Magnified healing the very next day. Rael had given her mom and sister and very quick teaching of it and how to bring it in and work with the rays and techniques that she had been taught and initiated into. Even though they were not officially initiated into this healing technique, spirit shared this was an emergency and a life could be saved so we were allowed to call it forth only as long as they were able to ask her higher self. She meditated and asked her higher self to appear as she had a question. Her higher self did appear and shared that they had to ask her physical incarnation as well if she wanted to live. She was in a comatose state, so they really with all of their hearts and very loudly called to her to get her attention. She finally opened her eyes after calling to her for a few minutes and they asked her the question, “We are here to help you if you want us to. Do you want to live?” And she ever so gently nodded her head yes as a tear rolled down her cheek. They shared with her to close your eyes and just relax into your healing. We are with you all the way! They then began calling forth this energy and a new liver for her. It was an amazing experience to behold as we see an etheric golden liver coming in to be integrated slowly and gently for her. The very next day they started removing the life support and in 3 days she was moved out of ICU and to this day is a healing and very loving light workers assisting many with herbs and her expertise naturopathic and ministerial wisdom. So eternally grateful for this energy technique! Stay tuned! Rael will soon be teaching it! 



* There was recently a book published with this and many other miracle stories in it called "How to Get Your Life Back" by Brigette Parvin. You can purchase it on Amazon HERE.



Reiki Healing is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is administered by having the client lying down and the practitoner laying their hands on the body in different positions after calling in the energies through the use of symbols, allowing the energies to flow through the practitioner to the person. This natural and complementary healing modality can restore and maintain health by balancing the chakras and aura (energy field). This can be done for our pets as well and can be done for anyone remotely. 

Andara Crystal Glass Tuning Fork Attunements

Rael is now offering Andara crystal glass attunements that are so very gracefully, powerful in that the Andara crystal glass holds the same frequency as prima matra (see below) as did the manna/white powder gold/Philosopher’s Stone spoke about in ancient times. 

Rael lies the Andara stones above on the chakra and then runs the Solfeggio frequency through them for each chakra and of course as guided by the persons Higher Self. 

There is much on this matter channeled in from the being Thoth however here is a brief story about it and how it came about here on planet Earth.


The Andara Crystals Tehuti (Thoth) speaks of here are actually in another dimension of reality. The properties of these crystals however, are present in some man-made glass that has been found on the current sacred land site. It is a highly unusual set of circumstances that brought this about, but when the man-made glass was buried as scrap on the land some time ago, the energy of the original crystals ‘bled through’ the dimensions of time-space and anchored into the man-made glass, which we are now calling Andara Crystal-Glass, versus Andara Crystal, which denotes the original other-dimensional parent matrix. So all that Thoth imparts here in regards to the energy dynamics of the Andara Crystals also holds true, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree, for the Andara Crystal-Glass.


The Andara Crystal Glass was originally found by Nellie, a half-Choctaw Indian, Medicine Woman and Shaman on her property in Northern California.. Being a Shaman and healer she immediately knew it had powerful healing properties. Her intuition was quickly borne out when various healings and other paranormal events started taking place.  

Nellie immediately sent Rev. Maia (who’s mentor and guide is Thoth) n from a batch of the Andara Crystal –Glass, and she too had some rather profound spiritual experiences

For a very indepth explanation from Thoth please go to this link:


Prima Matra means literally Prime Matter. Esoterically this term has been used to describe very sacred substances that have naturally occurred or have been produced by priest-scientists in the ancient Temples. There was considerable work also done in the medieval ages by alchemists to produce Prima Matra substances, such as the white powder of gold, or occult gold as it was also called.


When this creation was still an entirely spiritual creation, as it slowed it’s vibration down, the very first matter to coalesce from the ethers was the original Prima Matra. It was imbued totally with the divine essence, not yet being polluted by any negative human thought / feeling energies.


There are many different forms of Prima Matra on the planet today, all of them represent differing octaves, or gradients of the original Prima Matra, and are considered yet to be extremely sacred. ~ Thoth


Here are some of the basic properties/gifts of the Andara glass:


- Automatically expand your state of awareness

- Increased access to universal knowledge

- Activates the ability to channeling

- Accelerates the spiritual development process

- Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions

- Manifest and create automatically by inserting your intention into the Andara's Energy Field

- Clears and Balances Chakras Automatically

- Builds trust within Automatically

- Focuses on Working through the Heart

- Raises your frequency of energy to a much higher rate 

Frequency Face Toning Treatments

Rael is so excited to include these Frequency Face Toning Treatments in her energy medicine sessions. These are done with the use of certain hertz frequency tuning forks, running these frequencies through crystals that are placed on certain acupressure points on the face and neck. Rael, tunes into the persons Higher Self who then gives guidance and instruction, specific to that person, to reverse the aging process through relaxing and calming the muscle tissues thus creating a harmonized toning and nourishing to the skin. These frequencies also activate harmony of the endocrine system that helps the system to then produce all the youth hormones that were once actively producing all that the skin and body need to keep it youthful. 


This is the beauty of knowing energy/frequency and implementing it into everything we do by our intention through focus. Sound penetrates in and through the cells like a cellular massage going all the way into the mitochondria which is the sun of each cell and that which feeds it, activating the divine blueprint in each cell, which is the way human’s were originally created. Humans have, through the eons of time since being here on Earth, been genetically modified through DNA manipulation, and these frequencies allow the cells to re-member, thus activate the original divine blueprint.   


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla


Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. 


Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. .”—Bashar


Sessions prices:


22 minutes - $44


33 minutes - $55


44 minutes - $66

Tree of Life Tuning Fork At~onements

These treatments are amazingly, transformative and take one into a very deep understanding of the Tree of Life spheres and what each offers in the realm of enlightenment and the fullness of being through living a life of form. The Tree is a primitive symbol and found within the Flower of Life as well as Metatron’s Cube. These are all basic codes of creation, having within them the divine virtues of creation.


We have been born, in past lives, in each one of the spheres, many times over in different lifetimes. We are at a place in our human evolution that we are to fully integrate and activate all the spheres virtues and wisdom within US here and now, right where we are. Doing this lifts all experience of the soul into the higher wisdom of ALL has a reason and a purpose. All is love that is showing us in every moment if we have veered off the path of our soul and our spirit.

These sessions offer atonement to integrate what each sphere has to offer in the realm of harmony and balance, radiant clarity through acknowledgment and re-membering of our wholeness, The Tree of Life is the relationship between an unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ain Soph (infinity) and the mortal and finite universe (God's creation).


Kabbalah the study of the Tree of Life seeks to define the nature of the universe and the human being, the nature and purpose of existence, and various other ontological questions. It also presents methods to aid understanding of the concepts and thereby attain spiritual realization.


These frequencies are measured in hertz tonal frequency and are aligned to each spheres virtues. They activate the higher nature of each sphere and also assist in clearing anything that would block one from full spiritual attainment/wholeness. I have been divinely guided to have the person interested to first have 3 basic tuning fork sessions before receiving the Tree of Life At-onements.

Endocrine System Upgrade Tuning Fork Sessions

Rael is very pleased to announce the offering of the Endocrine System Upgrade Tuning Fork Sessions. These sessions are targeting the endocrine system which is the first human, bodily system to receive these higher frequencies now coming in to this planet from higher dimensions from what is known as the End Times which simply means the ending of the old and transforming into the new Golden Age. It is our higher evolution
transmuting us into a higher form which is the way creation unfolds, always evolving into the next phase of experience.

One listens to a very high vibrational meditation specifically guiding and targeting one’s endocrine glands while Rael weaves the Solfeggio frequencies through the persons field and at times places the body tuners directly on acupressure points, creating harmony within the body and specifically the endocrine system. The third eye also is assisted in decalcifying itself allowing one to access their higher vision. This brings back the flow of all the youth hormones which have been depleted from our environment and, limited thinking.

From Earth Changes:
During the Earth Changes in these End Times or Tribulation as it is called, the earth and the physical bodies on the earth are supposed to undergo a change as we move from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions. On the planetary scale, a massive shift is taking place. Huge infusions of Light are coming to the Earth plane as the veil of separation and denial are lifting. Earth Changes are creating physical changes in your
bodies right now. The planet is mutating, and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taking place in the very cells of your body. Your endocrine system may speed up or slow down, causing various effects on our hormones. You may have a sudden strong feeling and then it'l be gone. You may have an overwhelming memory and you will not be certain whether it is a dream or a reality. You are high-energy transformers, like sponges in the energy sea around you. As more and more Light becomes available to you, the intensity of electromagnetic energy around you also increases. Any changes in the surrounding energetic field are picked up by your subtle (etheric) body. This body acts
as a receiver and as a transmitter of these energies. These changes directly affect your physical body, which is the outward manifestation of the etheric level.

For advanced scheduling please text 734-755-6534
Sessions are:
$77 for 55 minutes

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